Michael Stone Teaching: New Year's Silent Meditation Retreat, Upstate New York

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Take part in the Dec 28, 2015 to Jan 1, 2016 New Year's Silent Meditation Retreat in at Chapin Mill Retreat Center in Batavia, New York, with Michael Stone.

The annual New Year's Retreat led by Michael is an opportunity to enter the New Year in silence. If you have ever wanted to come on silent retreat this is a great place to begin. This retreat integrates the techniques of Vipassana with the schedule and basic forms of Zen. It is organized to give new students plenty of support and experienced meditators will learn how to drop into deeper levels of practice.

Shôken Michael Stone is often described as a cross between a spiritual teacher and public intellectual. His ability to integrate traditional contemplative teachings from his studies in yoga, Zen and Vipassana, with the insights of Western psychology, gives him a unique voice for a new generation of students integrating mindfulness with the demands of their busy lives. He is a yoga teacher, Buddhist teacher, psychotherapist and the author of numerous books. His podcasts enjoy an enormous following. He lives in British Columbia with his family.

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