Collectible Surgi Doll by Khadija Aziz: Cyanea

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Collectible Surgi doll by Khadija Aziz: Digital print of original glitch art on cotton sateen, polyester stuffing, polyester threads
Cyanea (she/her) is made by glitching Khadija's original painting, called "Sting Me Not", on a flatbed scanner. Cyanea is taking some time off swimming in the ocean to bring joy to young children and families across Canada. Cyanea is warmhearted, patient, and a very good listener.

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I make glitch art by transforming original images through a back-and-forth relationship between the hand and digital ways of distortion. Through this process-based practice, I create unexpected surface outcomes by playing with chance. I am a Toronto-based digital textile artist and educator.

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Khadija Aziz