One-of-a-Kind Commissioned Art Piece from Stephanie Dillon Art!

Item Number: 157

Time Left: CLOSED

Value: $1,500

Online Close: Feb 7, 2021 11:59 PM EST

Bid History: 1 bid - Item Sold!


A one of a kind commissioned art piece from Stephanie Dillon Art! 

As an artist, Stephanie Dillon paints what she feels. Her art is a reflection of her thoughts, her beliefs and how she lives. Her abstract canvas paintings are bold and reflect socially conscious issues. Much of her work is painted on “canvases” that already exist. She believes that old is still beautiful, what we have is enough and art is everywhere. She is fiercely devoted to philanthropy and lives her life committed to serving her community by giving a percentage of her proceeds away to charity.

Stephanie celebrates the use of upcycled materials and therefore commissioned pieces may take time depending on the preferred 'canvas' her client requests. Stephanie is experienced in working with both traditional materials as well as more unusual items such as skulls, furniture, clothing and more. 

Her work has been featured in Artful Living, Vogue, Wired, GQ and more. Learn more about the artist and her work at


Special Instructions

The winner of this auction item will be put in contact with the artist once the auction is complete. At this time, an appointment will be schedule for the artist to discuss the commissioned piece with the winner.

Because Stephanie Dillon Art works with a wide variety of mediums, small and large, the scope of the commissioned work will be determined in consideration of the final bid amount.