3 of your bins (trash/recycle/lawn) cleaned and sanitized!

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Online Close: Nov 7, 2021 9:00 PM PST

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Bin Wash LA will come to your home and clean and sanitize THREE of your bins. Get all the ick off your trash, recycling and green bins and they'll be sparkling clean.

About Bin Wash LA

All commercial & residential properties need trash dumpsters & bins to help get rid of undesirables, but what happens when these trash dumpsters & bins themselves become as bad as the "undesirables" they're meant to get rid of? What happens when odors and germs from waste such as food and other perishables can build up inside these dumpsters/bins, creating an unpleasant environment for everyone?

You call BinWashLA

Based in Los Angeles California, BinWashLA is a 100% eco-friendly, dumpster/bin cleaning service that specializes in sanitizing and cleaning trash receptacles for properties. Our process is so effective it successfully gets rid of about 99.9% of germs commonly found in trash dumpsters/bins. YES, 99.9%!

No matter what type of commercial or residential facility you operate or what type of business you run, ensuring that your dumpsters are not only clean but sanitized is an important part of providing a safe and pleasant environment for your customers, employees and family. Let us help you make this happen. Contact us today, and we'll ensure your visitors remember you/your product and not the odor they smelt from your garbage dumpsters.


Thank you to Bin Wash LA for this donation!

Special Instructions

Winning bidder will be connected with Bin Wash LA to arrange date and time for bin cleaning. All three bins will be cleaned on the same day.