10 class pack of IN STUDIO classes at F45 Culver City

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Value: $320

Online Close: Nov 7, 2021 9:00 PM PST

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Looking for a fun new way to work out? Come give F45 Culver City a try with a 10 class pack of in studio classes!

Born in Australia, F45 Training merges 3 separate leading-edge fitness training styles into one consummate and compelling group training experience for its members.

Functional, HIIT, Circuit - We have combined three proven systems into one effective workout. Our exercises are functional movements, our timing formats are high intensity interval training, and our room layouts and rotations are circuit style training. These three elements combined creates our F45 format.

Winning bidder will receive:

  • A 10 class pack of world class in studio workouts at F45 Culver City (we offer indoor and outdoor classes)

  • The F45 Challenge meal planning & nutrition tips & tricks. Download the App or go the website.

**Valid for New Members ONLY**

For more info, check out: https://f45training.com/CulverCity/

Special thanks to John and Charlie and the team at F45 for your continued support of La Ballona Elementary School!


Special Instructions

This is the second of two 10 packs to F45 IN STUDIO in our auction.

10 class pack must be redeemed by 6/30/2022

The winning bidder will be put in touch with F45 to redeem their 10 in studio class pack.