1 Trial class at Capoeira Brasil

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Winning bidder will receive a pass to one trial class at Capoeira Brasil - newly located right next to La Ballona Elementary School!

Expires February 1, 2022

Please note that we are only offering one trial class per person however the same household may have more than one class. After all, on Wednesdays at 5pm and Saturdays at 10am we offer simultaneous parents and kids classes ;)

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About Capoeira Brasil Alumni

The students of founding Master Boneco’s school develop a wide range of skills and hail from a variety of cultural and socio-economic backgrounds. From celebrities (like Halle Berry, Dustin Hoffman and Matthew McConaughey) to kids; some have trained, uninterrupted, for over 15 years, others returned to continue as adults, or gone on to start programs of their own. 

Most recently, Master Boneco awarded a Black Angeleno and one of his oldest American students, a black belt; making ‘Axe’ (pronounced Ah-shay) the first American to receive the honor. Most Capoeira Masters are Brazilian natives who emigrated to other countries, making the Capoeira Brasil school particularly special to the local community.

 About Capoeira, history of the artform

When the rich cultures of the indigenous people mixed with those of the enslaved Africans who were brought to Brazil, the vast music, dance and martial arts traditions of Capoeira were born. The once clandestine vehicle of physical and spiritual empowerment and liberation is now a proud part of the cultural heritage of Brazilian society. Today, having broken innumerable cultural barriers, Capoeira is found in over 150 countries and is one of the most recognized, enduring, and widest reaching genuinely Brazilian exports on Earth..

About Capoeira Brasil, the group

Originally a vehicle to liberate the enslaved, today Capoeira continues to evolve to confront modern situations and challenges. Today the art is a physical-spiritual-cultural dialog that helps individual practitioners develop all aspects of themselves so that they, in turn, are able to better contribute to, and serve, their communities in a variety of ways. Founded in 1989, Master Boneco has been at the forefront of this evolution. His first American black belt, Master Axe (Ah-shay), is a teacher and mentor to a wide variety of local adults and kids- carrying on Master Boneco’s tradition of community engagement and civic duty.

“Capoeira is a tool that can help you to improve your life” says Master Boneco.

Special Instructions

Winning bidder will be put in touch with Capoeira Brasil at the end of the auction to schedule their trial class.