Sustane12-12-12 Natural Organic + Coated Controlled Release 6 bags

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Suståne 12-12-12 Natural Organic + Coated Controlled Release Fertilizer Designed for Professional Greenhouse and Landscape Applications 90 - 120 Day Nutrient Release at 70º F Suståne 12-12-12 is perfect for production of bedding plants other short-term annuals. Greenhouse growers can use Suståne 12-12-12 to grow beautiful Begonias, Petunias, Impatiens, Geraniums, Caladiums, Chrysanthemums, herbs and vegetable crops. Suståne 12-12-12 was developed as a combination fertilizer to provide all floral and nursery stock with a complete, balanced and controlled release nutrient package. Suståne 12-12-12 provides plant essential nutrients in both controlled release and slow release organic form by combining coated CRF with nutrient rich aerobically composted turkey litter. The Suståne organic component undergoes a 26-week aerobic composting process ensuring that the finished product is stabilized yet biologically active.

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