Sustane Soil ReGen 1-1-1 - 6 bags

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Soil ReGen is used for amending soils on golf courses, landscape beds, athletic fields, commercial turf, and home lawns. Apply Soil ReGen to improve water infiltration and to relieve compaction in stressed turf areas. Suståne Soil ReGen is a soil conditioner that reduces compaction and increases water and air infiltration of soils while also improving the nutrient and water holding capacity. Suståne Soil ReGen supplies organic-rich and biologically stable humus, humic acids, beneficial microorganisms, and organic nutrients - all in dry, uniform particle size. Made with Aerobic Compost, Zeolite, Pumice, Azomite®, Biochar, Langbeinite, Mycorrhizae, Seaweed, Humates and Organic Macro and Micronutrients.

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(6) 50 lb. bags


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