Handmade Yard Decor by Albert Eizenveldt

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This item is the size of a basketball and the print is on both sides.

Albert Eizenveldt, poet / cartoonist / museum curator at The Imagination Workshop has an amazing collection!  

Built from castaway useless pieces of trees (knots/galls/cankers) a vast "family" of inner children from the trees was created, many with poems &  stories. Most all are two-sided like the "eyes" sample shown and vary in size from inches to several feet.

I Am A Tree’s Clock

I am a clock and my ticking is going to stop-

my inside wheels are going slower & slower

and my hands with clenching fingers

will then write no more.

I hope but know what I’ll leave to remember,

what my clock’s tocking will show,

so as I sit here beside this giant Maple tree

aand pen the words you now read,

I sorta hope they stay in your mind,

and not have them shredded but stay rhymed,

or just swept up after being strewed on a floor.

See, my friend…

my inner child of wood here shown,

may or may not find a kindred home…

maybe they’ll join me in a pencil powered rite,

nestled in comfy soft clouds for us ever to write.

Special Instructions

THis item can be picked up from the gallery in New Hope, MN.

Donated by

Albert Eizenveldt