The Last Amazon: Special Edition Hardcover (signed, box #1)

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The Last Amazon: Special Edition Hardcover is signed by Dungeons and Dragons Luminary Satine Phoenix and Apotheosis Studios Creative Director Jamison Stone.

The SFWA Auction is offering two different copies, each signed in a different way by Stone. This is Box #1.

A fresh perspective on the graphic novel genre which chronicles the birth of Artificial Intelligence and the disparate factions and leaders that have risen after World War 3.

This is not your grandpa's comic book—This is a new take on the modern graphic novel genre. Our diverse story is told through multiple unexpected points of view which chronicles not only the fall of our modern civilization, but how Danni Winters, a young woman with mysterious abilities, tries to rebuild civilization from the ashes.

For more on the book, go here. Donated by Apotheosis Studios

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