Body & Food Liberation Consultation

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Free Body and Food Liberation Consult for Women:

90 minutes

  • Who is this Consult for? (IFS, HAES, and Intuitive Eating Informed) 
     A woman that feels overwhelmed with so many different voices in her head telling her what to eat, what not to eat, and how to feel and how not to feel around food and body size.
     A woman who restricts her food intake and entire groups of foods (carbs, sugar, fat, etc.), rejects her body and wants to change her body's size and shape to be accepted and loved by others.
     A woman who blames, punishes and calls herself names, and feels like a failure because of her "mistakes” and feeling out of control around food.
     A woman who is terrified about gaining weight and/or not losing weight because she will be rejected, won’t be able to find a romantic partner or won’t get a promotion at work because of her body size
    ÂÂ… A woman who is scared that her health will continue to deteriorate, hurt her health and will probably get sick, and even die, from being in a big body.
    ÂÂ… A woman that feels lonely, isolated and like she's the only woman in the whole planet with food and body image issues.
    ÂÂ… A woman who isn't at peace with the way she eats and the way her body looks
    ÂÂ… A woman who is tired of dieting and/or eating clean and still doesn't see the results she wants long term not matter what she tries

***What is included and what we will be going over:
90 minute Session on zoom
pre-session quiz (to get to know you a bit better before the session)
Guided exercise to help you identify your blocks (meditation/experiential and journaling)
Learn what are the six most common parts of us that get in the way of having a peaceful and flexible relationship with body and food
Recording of the session
All the slides with all the information discussed
30-minute free Follow-up session after masterclass
Agnis J Pena-Toro, MA Psychotherapist and Body and Food Liberation coach

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