Birthday Coding Party with the CoderSchool Pasadena

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Celebrate your special occasion with a party of learning and fun - Great for age 7-16, online or in-person, up to 10 participants, 90-120 min long. 

Hello Coders and Coders-to-be! The #1 after-school coding program for ages 7-18 in Silicon Valley is now in the Los Angeles area. With Caltech and JPL just down the street, Pasadena is where the next generation of thinkers, innovators and coders are all gathering.

Whether your coder is brand new to Scratch, already programming distributed code in Python or preparing for the CS AP exam, we can help your coder get to the next level. Unlike other programs, our experienced coaches are trained to tap your student's interest in a fun and innovative way. This unique approach fosters a lifelong passion for building and technology. Our unique program will equip your student with life skills of creativity, critical thinking (logic, breaking complex problems into manageable chunks), and confidence which are valuable for school and any future career.

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