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Earth Rated dog waste bags are bigger, thicker, tougher and totally leak-proof. As a company, Earth Rated® strives to provide the highest quality clean up products to help make picking up after your dogs a more pleasant experience. They care about the environment, they are proud to support rescues and local shelters. The company does not test any of their products on animals, nor do they support this type of production model. All of the packaging for their bag line is made from recycled materials, and they use recycled paper cores for the rolls instead of plastic ones. In addition, the packaging and cores can be recycled after use.

Donation box was hand packed by Tanya and thoroughly sniffed by Luna before shipping.

This item includes:

  • 120-Count Lavender-scented Bags - The refill pack includes 8 rolls of 15 lavender-scented bags. These bags are easy to open and detach from the roll, while still being extra thick and tough!

  • Leash Dispenser with 15 Lavender-scented Bags - The cutest dispenser on the market is a convenient holder for our Earth Rated® bags. Our adjustable strap can be sized to fit any leash format and a convenient hook on the back holds your used bags. Includes one (1) lavender-scented starter roll of 15 bags.

  • 120-Count Lavender-scented Bags With Handles (Not on Rolls) - These Earth Rated lavender-scented bags are extra wide with handles for easy-tying and disposal. An opening in the back of the box allows you to grab one bag at a time.

  • 100 Plant-based grooming wipes - Earth Rated lavender scented wipes measure 8x8, and are proudly USDA-Certified 99% biobased. Wash your dog's face, paw, foot, and tushie without leaving wet residue or funky smells. Compostable when finished to reduce the carbon pawprint! 

  • Earth Rated reusable shopping bag

  • Earth Rated bandana for Very Important Pups

  • Earth Rated stickers and Emergency sticker

  • Earth Rated note pad and wooden pen

  • Earth Rated dog tag

Donated by: Earth Rated

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