American Tap Dance Foundation, 5 Classes

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Good for 5 Class Card at the American Tap Dance Foundation. Class Card can be used at any, basic, beginner, advanced beginner or intermediate level class. (Ages 13+.) 

Our Mission
The American Tap Dance Foundation (ATDF) is a non-profit 501c3 organization committed to establishing and legitimizing Tap as a vital component of American dance through creation, presentation, education and preservation. ATDF is recognized as a local, national and international leader in the field and continues to further three main objectives:

  • to perpetuate tap dance as a flourishing contemporary art form on a National and International level.

  • to provide a basis for the growth of tap dance by teaching new generations through comprehensive educational programs.

  • and to preserve the artistry of the early generations of tap masters.

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Expires February 1, 2023

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Location: New York City, New York

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