Cat Bottle with Lid By Awarded Clay Artist

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Enjoy this unique bottle, by awarded ceramist Bart Fetz.

This bottle is is 10” h., Porcelain, fired to cone 10, decorated with stain glaze and ash. This piece is microwave and dishwasher safe. Although listed as an art piece, these are functionable, beautiful and made to be used.

Altered porcelain
Surface color applied multiple glazes, fired to cone 10. 

About The Artist

Bart Fetz obtained his Master of Fine Arts in ceramics at the University of North Texas and is currently the Head of Ceramics and Sculpture Instruction at Western Wyoming Community College in Rock Springs, WY.

Fetz has shown at the National Conference for the Education of Ceramic Arts several times and internationally at the Gallery Broken in Tokyo, Japan, in 2008, and the Earth Gallery in Kamakura, Japan, in 2010. He also has gallery affiliations in Denmark. He recently completed a residency in Tolne, Denmark. His work has been shown and purchased nationally and internationally.

Donated by

Bart E. Fetz