Coaching Session: Catalyzing Conscious Creatives to their Fullest Realization

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Coaching Session: Catalyzing Conscious Creatives to their Fullest Realization

Rashmi is a transformational coach and facilitator and a prolific and accomplished actress, screenwriter, producer, and singer/songwriter who is passionate about generating powerful transformations for entrepreneurial and creative people who are on fire to uplevel their impact in their contributions, visibility, relationships, recognition, and financial success.

She has coached numerous clients through old debilitating patterns and facilitated pervasive and lasting change in their life. She also facilitates leadership groups on a weekly and monthly basis.


"There are no words to fully express how much your support means to me."

"I truly feel that you were able to bring clarity to some very old, deeply entrenched patterns that have been holding me back for years. Your words always left me with that Ahhhha feeling that I know will lead to lasting change. I always feel understood, without judgement and most importantly empowered."

"I am excited about what lies ahead and know that know that you are there for me to help me navigate and fully embrace stepping into the next chapters in the future."

"Thank you so much, Rashmi. You are a very special person and you have made such a difference in my life."

The intention of the session we will have together is to discover and to bring clarity to what you want to create, what may be getting in the way, and what steps you need to take to succeed.

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The session will last from between 1 hour - 1.5 hours.

Special Instructions

Coaching session will be on phone or via zoom.

Expires 12-31-23


About Rashmi:

I stand with you as you shift gears, overcome fears, and take steps up the mountain to your Zenith. I offer powerful, authentic, embodied support to catalyze your true gifts and hidden genius. I am a Certified Transformational Coach, Facilitator, and fellow trailblazer whose journey includes being a prolific and accomplished actress, screenwriter, producer, and singer/songwriter, with a Masters in Education from Harvard University. If you are someone who doesn't easily fit into a box or don't want to be, if you are struggling with your life's non-linear journey and worldly expectations, and if you are passionate about making a unique contribution in the world with your special talents, I can guide you on your Rise to your Zenith. I will authentically empower you to arrive at the top with clarity, ease, and grace.

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