Laura Elrick's "What This Breathing"

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Poetry. Literary Nonfiction. Women's Studies. Art.

WHAT THIS BREATHING  by Laura Elrick traverses the overlapping zones of nuclear family and climate catastrophe, their social and political manifestations and the way they unfold as forces that shape the details of personal life. The poems search for a language through which to reimagine relation: to other people, to self, to historical and ecological time, and to futurity in an age when daily accretions of systemic violence render the present a seemingly endless end in itself.

Laura is interested in the capacities of poetry to denaturalize the structures of everyday life and to imagine new forms of relation. Her most recent full-length collection What This Breathing was published by The Elephants in September 2020. Previous books include Propagation (2012), Fantasies in Permeable Structures (2005), and Skincerity (2003), as well as the chaplet Excerpts from ‘Permeable Structures: A Performance Essay in Stereo’ (2006). She has also written and directed several psychogeographical performance works, including Blocks Away (2010) and Stalk (2008), as well as an audio work, Five Pieces for Doubled Voice (2005). Her essay “Poetry, Ecology and the Reappropriation of Lived Space” has appeared in several anthologies, including Viz. Inter-Arts Intervention: A Trans-Genre Anthology and the Eco.