KIDS UNFILTERED 1 Hour Parent Support & Family Counseling with Stephanie Cunningham

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This auction is for a ONE (1) HOUR Session with Stephanie Cunningham at Kids Unfiltered.


Build confidence and resilience through improved relationships and understanding. This is for one hour of virtual or in-person parent support, counseling or coaching session with Stephanie Cunningham, Child & Family therapist. 

Infant-Family Support and Intervention

“Why would a baby need a therapist?!”, people often ask. I tell them it’s not about the baby, it’s about nurturing the relationship between the baby and those who care for and love them. It’s about helping families gain confidence in understanding their baby’s cues and how best to calm, stimulate, and bond with their unique child to facilitate healthy attachment and optimal development.

There are many reasons a family might feel as if they’d like some support in better understanding how to meet their infant’s social, emotional, and cognitive needs, and we can help. Infant-Family Support provides a mix of education and emotional support for caregivers, as well as opportunities for the infant and their people (siblings included!) to begin to experience deep and meaningful connections.

Caregiver Support

The truth is that a child’s parent(s) are almost always the real agents of change when it comes to helping kids learn to be their most content selves. With caregiver coaching, the therapist’s job is to be a guide, supporting parents and caregivers in making their own shifts to feel more confident in this role and to better understand their child. Often, a child doesn’t even need to engage with the therapist in order for them to begin feeling and behaving better and for the family to improve functioning. We love working with grown ups to support the family system!

Child Only Play Therapy

Young children speak the language of play and use this language to communicate with others, process their emotions, and make sense of their world and experiences. Play is children’s symbolic language of self-expression. We use a child-directed play therapy approach to support young children in working through challenging emotions, gaining confidence, building resilience, and forming healthy relationships with family and peers.

Play-Based Individual Therapy for Kids

Recommended for kids age 7 and older, Individual therapy for kids at Kids Unfiltered involves lots of fun and play while also providing a safe and validating space for children to share about all the things that come up for them in their lives. We also learn a lot about how to manage big feelings, relate to peers and family, and be kind and loving towards ourselves. Caregivers are always encouraged to participate in the process when appropriate as well.

Dyadic Therapy (Caregiver + Child)

Dyadic therapy focuses on strengthening the relationship between the child and their primary caregiver(s) and means that the child and their grown up(s) engage in the therapy process together. This model, based on the theory that relational safety is the critical foundation for all development, has been shown to be particularly effective for children under the age of 6 and their families.


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