2023 Girl Scouts Cookie Set featuring the elusive rare valuable box of RASPBERRY RALLY

Item Number: 117

Time Left: CLOSED

Value: $60

Online Close: Mar 28, 2023 7:18 PM PDT

Bid History: 10 bids - Item Sold!


With this auction you get every box of every flavor of the 2023 Girl Scout Cookies you see here, including RASPBERRY RALLY which is the new and highly sought after flavor. 

Check eBay and you'll see it's currently selling for over $100 per box at it's peak, just check eBay's completed / sold listings

eBay item number:354625267102 sold for $320 for 2 boxes (avg $160 per box)

eBay item number:285177474296 sold for $200 for one box


Special Instructions

Flavors included in this collection: 

  • Thin Mint

  • Trefoils

  • Tagalongs

  • Toffee Tastic

  • Samoas 

  • Raspberry Rally 

  • Lemon-Ups

  • Adventurefuls 

  • Do-si-dos

  • S'mores