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PERSONAL SECURITY ALARMS - A quantity of FOUR (4) alarms included, as they are great for spouses, parents, kids, and any family member as well as friends.

These are perfect safety devices that are portable and easy to access as well as hide discreetly. 


If you have a senior in your life one of these alarms could serve as sort of a "Help, I've fallen and I can't get up!" scenarios to alert people around with the sound of the siren.

If you train your child that this is NOT A TOY and to carry it, so that if they encounter "Stranger Danger" they simply activate it to inform everyone nearby of the situation.

In cases of assault, intimidation or crime, if you or anyone with this feel threatened  or uncomfortable, an alarm like this is very handy. 

Keep this on your keychain, in your pocket or purse for easy access like your own security guard in case of emergencies, as they can be your greatest ally in an "expeect the unexpected" situations as you walk down the street, in parking lots, jogging or anywhere.  Any situation where you want attention or need help, these might be just what you need for help.

Keep you and your family safe with these lightweight keychains that sound a siren at the press of a button.

The alarm has a siren from 120db-130db.
Included: Small Screwdriver to change battery when needed.
4 LR44 batteries included. Ready to use out of the box.

Warning: There are 4 LR44 button batteries closely locked. However, please watch out when you change batteries for the hazard of ingestion, instructs consumers to keep new and used batteries out of the reach of children and to seek immediate medical attention if a battery is ingested on all consumer products with button batteries and on the batteries themselves.