Class Project - Morning Glory Kinder | Stained Glass Mosaic Tile Table

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This square wrought iron table with a glass top was decorated with stained glass tile pieces into a mosaic made up of 16 individual squares. Each student in the class created a pattern or picture of their own design on a 5x5 inch square, which was then glued to the glass table top with clear adhesive and set with grout. The clear adhesive allows light to reflect through the glass tiles, letting their colors shine through. Each square was given a title by the children, with names such as Rainbow, Flower, Bird, Door, Starburst, etc. to depict what they made. The squares are separated by stained glass strips, giving each one a border, and yet filling the table with an assortment of pictures that make a cohesive whole. 


By Morning Glory Kindergarteners

Teacher: Lyra Matthews