Las Pochtechas

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Pochteca were professional, long-distance traveling merchants in the Aztec Empire.

This particular print, Las Pochtechas, was made by architect Rafael Levy especially for the 2nd FIBV Global Conference and Exhibition on Emerging Markets that took place in Mexico in 1997. Commissioned by Mexico's Securities Depository, it was given as a token of appreciation to those that participated. 

The artist, Rafael Levy, used the technique of Dry Point. The print was made by using a metal plaque polished as a mirror on which a fine drawing was made with an engraving needle. The lines on the metal retain ink which is then transferred to paper through a procedure at an engraving press. Dry Point is one of the most antique methods of engraving.

This amazing matted piece is in great condition and is #79/200 prints made. Donated by Crossroads Fund donors Peg Strobel and Bill Barclay.

Measures 16" x 11 3/4", matted

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