Seachoice XL Supreme 4-in-1 Monterey Ultrasoft Airmesh Water Hammock Lounge Chair

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The Seachoice 86831 XL Supreme Water Hammock is a versatile and comfortable option for those looking to relax in the water. This unique 4-in-1 water hammock can be configured as a hammock, drifter, exercise saddle, or lounge chair, making it adaptable to various relaxation needs. It is crafted with ultrasoft Airmeshâ„¢ fabric, providing a cooling and comfortable experience. The supportive mesh design not only enhances airflow for optimal ventilation but also adds to the overall comfort. This water hammock is easy to maintain with machine washable features and removable pillows. Its portable design makes it easy to store and carry, ideal for ages 15 and up.

Whether you're lounging in a pool or enjoying a day at the lake, this water hammock offers supreme relaxation.

Hammock Description:

4-in-1 Design: Can be used as a hammock, drifter, exercise saddle, or lounge chair.
Ultrasoft Airmeshâ„¢ Fabric: Ensures comfort and a cooling effect.
Supportive Mesh Design: Enhances airflow for optimal ventilation and comfort.
Easy Maintenance: Features machine washable fabric and removable pillows.
Portable: Convenient for storage and transport.
Suitable for Ages 15 and Up: Perfect for both teens and adults.
Ideal for Water Relaxation: Great for pools, lakes, or any water relaxation setting.


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