2 Opulent Blue & Gold Venetian Masks - Perfect for Partners!

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Celebrate Venetian History: with 2 Italian Blue & Gold Venetian Masks - perfect for a coordinated couple's costume or to enjoy as art! 

The Bautta e Volto Mask, first referenced in the 13th century, protected and perfectly disquised the identity of the men and women who wore it and therefore allowed for maximum freedom of action. It was worn with a hood which covered the head down to the shoulders, leaving only the face free. This form of mask allowed the wearer to eat and drink without taking it off. Commonly called the "standard dress" and in time became the uniform of the Venetian nobility. The people also adopted it to be able to mix with the nobles and join them at one of the many parties. 

La Civetta Mask was one of the most common masks among the Venetians of the past centuries and was the only mask used by the female characters of the Commedia dell'Arte Theatre. Its representation can be found in several paintings, such as "Il Minuetto" by Giambattista Tiepolo, where it is worn by a woman and a man.

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