Shimmer & Shine Magical Light Up Genie Palace, Floating Genie Palace Playset + MORE

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Genies In Training Shimmer & Shine Toy Set!

Shimmer and Shine Magical Light-up Genie Palace: Now little genies can recreate Shimmer and Shine's adventures with their very own genie palace! The palace door opens to reveal 3 levels of play, over 20 play pieces, and lots of magical surprises! Little ones will love the sound-activated feature - when they make a wish and clap their hands the palace will respond with over 100 phrases, music, and an incredible light show that's perfect for a genie dance party! The palace also features a magic mirror. Princess Samira appears to ask for some genie help! Lots of interactive phrases add to the fun. Genies in training can explore the palace and pretend to use their Genie Gems or hide them from sneaky sorceress, Zeta!

Shimmer & Shine, Teenie Genies, Floating Genie Palace Playset: Welcome to Zahramay Falls, a magical world where genies live, work and play! These cute, collectible mini figures put Shimmer, Shine and all their friends right in the palm of your little genie's hand. Little genies can create the most magical adventures with this beautiful playset inspired by Shimmer and Shine's genie palace! The playset features plenty of flying and floating fun and lots of rooms to explore. For a genie-rrific surprise, when little ones pull down on the palace's pillow, Shimmer and Shine will magically float from the living room all the way up to the Mirror Room! Kids can turn the gem on the top of the palace to see Leah or Princess Samira appear in the magic mirror, or take Shimmer and Shine for a magic carpet ride! Two exclusive 'floating' figures are included—Friends Divine Shimmer and Friends Divine Shine—but more Teenie Genies work with the playset too. Just use the included chair to activate the fun, floating feature! The palace also comes with twin beds, a table set for a tea party for two, and a bathtub.

Splash & Sparkle Pets Shimmer & Shine Mega Bloks: Tala and Nahal have had a long day of playing around the genie palace. But now, genies in training can help these adorable pets get clean again with a royal bath. Put Nahal in the tub to relax and play with her cute rubber ducky as silly Tala swings upside down by her tail from the shower head.

Shimmer & Shine Teenie Genies (Series 2) Genie 8-Pack: This special set comes with Friends Divine Shimmer, Sweetie Genies Leah, Flower Friends Azalea, Rock Star Magic Saffi, Friends Divine Parisa, Masquerade Ball Shine, and for a fun surprise there are 2 more genies hidden inside! 

Shimmer & Shine, Hidden Surprise Genie Bottle: This pretty purple genie bottle features a fun surprise—genies hiding inside! Kids can open and close the door to see 1 of 3 genies appear. Three Teenie Genies are included, but the bottle can be used with many more. 

Shimmer & Shine Leah and Shine Bath Squirter: These water squirting friends are sure to add a magical splash to any genie's bath! Just fill them up and give them a squeeze! 

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